July 11, 2018 - 11:11pm -- rohlf.2@osu.edu

The Henry County 4 -H Project days have been completed! Thank you
to all of our members, parents, volunteers, advisors, staff and judges
in helping make the week a successful one for all involved in the
project judgings! A special thank you to the American Legion for the
use of the Legion Hall and to Senior Leadership Club for making sure
volunteers and judges were fed. We appreciate evereyone's efforts!

Our judges are hired for their expertise and knowledge in twelve
different project categories, worked individually with our 4-H'ers
through interviews. Judges selected county award winners and 
State Fair competition representatives at the conclusion of each
project they evaluated.

Click here for the Henry County 4-H Project Judging Results

Please note that judges select county award winners (Best of Class and
Honor Award) and State Fair representation as they feel the level  of
project work and member interview warrants such selection. Because it
is at their descretion, some project areas may or may not have been
county award winners and/or State Fair representation. Should you
have questions, please contact Laura Rohlf at rohlf.2@osu.edu

If you have been selected for STATE FAIR representation, you may begin
picking up State Fair tickets on Monday July 16th 9:00am. Tickets are
provided to the 4-H'er and one adult (adult tickets are a first come, first
serve basis). If you decide not to participate at the State Fair, a phone call
indicating you won't be going would be appreciated. It is best to pick-up
your tickets no later than Friday July 20th.

Congratulations to each of you!