July 13, 2020 - 4:56pm -- rohlf.2@osu.edu

While the Henry County Junior Fair Livestock Shows will be held in person this year, the traditional Livestock Sale will not. The Henry County Junior Fair Livestock Sale Committee would like to invite businesses and individuals to support the market livestock, dairy and horse exhibitors with a special mail in, add-on premium sale via the mail. Like many events in 2020, the committee has adapted to the golbal pandemic and have compromised by holding this type of sale. The committee is working with the market support buyers that will be taking market animals the same day the exhibitors show their animals. Martha Gebers, Sale Coordinator, is asking for notification from those who are puchasing a market animal for custom slaughter as soon as possible so that transportation can be coordinated. 

There are options for supporting the youth through the "Add-On Premium Sale" (click here for invitation)

*If you wish to contribute to the Henry County Livestock Buyer's Club (click for information here>> Buyer's Club) you may do so.
*If you wish to donate to the 2020 Grand Champion or Reserve Grand Champion in a specie, you will mark the Add-On form accordingly.
*If you wish to donate towards the Dairy exhibitors, the Gallon of Milk donation is split amongst all of the exhibitors in the department, that is another option.
*If you wish to donate towards the Horse Item (pictured above) you may bid/donate to the Horse Item. The donations for this item supports improvements to the horse program, barn and arena on the fairgrounds.
 This beautiful painting was created by Emily Hill, 4-H alumnus, 4-H parent, local teacher and artist. 

The committee asks that payment be enclosed with the Add-On Premium form (click here>>> Add-On Form). In doing so, you are enabling the Junior Fair Livestock Sale exhibitors to recieve their checks in a timely manner.
Credit card transactions will be taken with a small processing fee. Please contact Martha Gebers (419-966-7342 or HenryLSC@googlegroups.com) for credit card transactions or if you have questions.

Click here for a complete listing of the 2020 Henry County Junior Fair Market, Dairy, Horse Project Exhibitors>> Listing of Market,Dairy, Horse Exhibitors 
*Parents: If you find any incorrect information on this list, please contact Laura Rohlf, Extension Educator, 4-H with corrections at rohlf.2@osu.edu)