Ohio SNAP-Ed, through Ohio State University Extension, offers Cooking Matters for Adults and Parents as one of the many curricula offered by Ohio SNAP-Ed nutrition education program. 

Each week participants observe a multi-session course that combines hands-on food preparation with nutrition information, food budgeting, and shopping techniques.

Participants will receive free groceries after each lesson and a guide with 60+ delicious, low cost, family friendly recipes.

Twelve to fifteen participants (must be SNAP eligible) are needed for this FREE six-week course.

The third class is being planned to consist of 2 hours per week.  After watching a cooking demo, participants will break into teams to prepare the recipe and share a meal together.  Participants then take home a copy of the recipe and the ingredients to prepare it at home.  Participants must attend 4-6 classes in order to 'graduate'.

Here's a brief overview of the sessions:

  • Class 1 - Let's Get Cooking

An introduction to the tools you can use to choose and prepare healthy foods at home.

An overview of MyPlate and cooking basics.

  • Class 2 - Choosing Fruits, Vegetables, and Whole Grains

Great ideas for incorporating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into family meals.

  • Class 3 - Health Starts at Home

Participants will be encouraged to prepare ore meals and snacks at home.

Cooking with healthier protein and dairy foods.

Preparing healthier versions of popular convenience foods.

  • Class 4 - The Power of Planning

Learn to plan healthy low-cost meals that will make the most of your food dollars.

5-minute breakfasts. reducing salt, and the benefits of shopping with a list.

  • Class 5 - Shopping Smart

A fun and challenging grocery store tour where you can practice the skills you've learned in class to save money and make healthier choices.

  • Class 6 - Recipe for Success

Healthy beverages, ways to be more physically active.

Review of key nutrition, cooking and food budgeting lessions.

Taste test, Secret ingredient challenge, and Cooking Matters Trivia.