The Henry County 4-H Endowment is a permanent fund made possible through individual donations, business and corporate contributions and fund raising events.Contributions are sent to the State 4-H Office earmarked for the Henry County 4-H Endowment Fund and deposited with the Ohio 4-H Foundation which is a part of the university's development fund. The Ohio 4-H Foundation and the Henry County 4-H Endowment is a  501(c) (3) chartiable foundation. Therefore, donations are tax deductable.

Principal is invested permanently through the Ohio State University to generate the maximum interest possible.  The interest income  are the funds available for the county to fund local 4-H youth development education programs, scholarships and more. The Henry County 4-H Endowment was initated at the time of the Robert Cole's retirement and has had continued support through memorials, annual fund raising events and county individuals. 

The Henry County 4-H Endowment Committee consists of the following individuals who meet quarterly (or as needed):

Dr. Doug Burgei, Chair

Katie Morrison, Treasurer

Kelly Behrman

Bethann Gerken

Marcia Gobrogge

Morgan Parcher

Lori Wilkerson

Amanda Podach

Makalie Jorgensen